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(All campers will continue to receive our weekly general swim instruction)

This program is only for campers in Junior Division
coming from weeks 1 - 7

Developed and Directed
By Swim Coach and Instructor Matt Acciani

- Six week program (Beginning June 25)
- 18 Lessons in Total
- 30 minutes each time

- $220 per camper for full course

On the first day, all swimmers will be evaluated and appropriately placed in a group. As students learn and advance, they may be moved up to a more advanced group.

There will be a weekly assessment sent home to parents by swim instructor and a certificate of accomplishment at the end of the course.

Click here to fill out parent questionnaire and to sign up. 



LEVEL A - Intro to the water:
learning basic water comfort and safety.

Swimmers will be taught to overcome and fear and apprehension of the water, develop the ability to be water safe and keep themselves above the surface without panic. These swimmers are currently apprehensive of being in the water without support from an instructor or pool walls or without flotation devices.


LEVEL B - Technique Development: Swimmers will begin to learn freestyle technique and how to tread for extended periods of time.

These swimmers will be comfortable in the water and capable of trying technique on their own without physical support from pool walls, instructors, or flotation devices.


LEVEL C - Technique refinement and race technique: For more advanced swimmers who have a basic grasp of freestyle technique and are capable of passing the pool band test (two lengths of the pool unaided and two minutes of treading water).

This swimmer will develop refined race technique, learn to dive properly, and learn techniques for backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.