Camp Gan Israel Cherry Hill Staff Application

Welcome to CGI Cherry Hill staff application.

CGI welcomes all staff applications. Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than positions available. Each application will be reviewed and considered. We will be choosing our staff based on their qualifications and suitability for our program.

Before applying for any position that you will be able to attend the staff orientation and training will be held during the week leading up to camp. This is in addition to online precamp training. 

Counselor positions in the camp are available to staff members who have completed 10th grade or older.

Please fill out ALL relevant information to the best of your ability. By answering the questions on this form, you will assist in our decision making. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed or accepted. All complete applications will undergo a careful review process, including reference checks. 

For help filling out this form or any other staff inquiries please contact Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan at 856-438-0607 or email   [email protected]

Thank you, 
Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan
Camp Gan Israel, Director

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