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This page will be updated as more information becomes available

Updated, Thursday, June 4th

To our Dear Camp Families, 

We were very happy to hear this past weekend that Governor Murphy allowed for summer day camps to reopen. 

We are hopeful that we will be able have some kind of in person day camp this summer beginning July 6.

However, until we receive the guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Health, we cannot confirm important details, such as hours of the day, location, camper amount and length of our summer program.

In the meantime we are in contact with health professionals, reviewing the ACA and CDC camp guidelines, going over all possibilities and putting together all necessary PPE (personal protective equipment).

We look forward to making an announcement as soon as we can. We know the wait is difficult, it is for us too.

If you have not yet done so, please answer our CGI survey, as this will significantly help us in planning the summer based on what your needs and interests are. 

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Looking forward to a safe, healthy and awesome Gan Israel Summer!

Rabbi Yitzchok and Baily Kahan
Camp Gan Israel

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This section will be updated regularly and much of the information will be incorporated into the Summer 2020 Parent Handbook.

We have received the recommendations from the American Camp Association (ACA) which we are very confident we will be able to follow, but we have not received any guidelines or go ahead from the State and local health departments.  We have been in constant contact with the representatives at the NJ State Health Departments, and we will be updated as soon as relevant information is provided. 

Based on where we are holding currently, even if we are given the green light to open, we will most likely have to change some of the programming, trips and other activities. As soon as we have an update about the possible options for this summer, we will update you. 

Please answer survey CGI survey, as this will significantly help us in planning the summer based on what your needs and interests are. 

CGI Survey click here:


There are three aspects we need to consider in our reopening plan:

Safety - Our camp has to be able to provide a safe environment for our children that will follow all standards of health in this current crisis.

Operations - We have to revise our program to make sure all our activities and day to day programming is in line with current health standards.

Your child's experience - Based on our Safety and Operations plans, we do believe that we will be able to provide your child with an exciting and memorable summer.

Below is what we are considering as a tentative outline for the summer. These are some of the general ideas we are looking. We have chosen to include these items in an informal way to help you understand what we are thinking as a camp. These are by no means the final plans.

Starting Date - We hope to be able to start July 6th.

Hours - This will depend on guidelines for activities that we are allowed to do in camp. If they are very limited we may have to have a significantly shorter day.
If we can include swimming in our activities we would likely start camp at 9:30am and end camp at 3pm.

Trips - As of now, it looks very unlikely that we will be taking our campers on trips this summer. It will probably not be permitted and also very hard to do in a way that will be legal and safe. The only exception might be our pioneer groups, which can do outdoor hikes etc.

Swimming - We have been in contact with our pools and they are just as in the dark as we are about any policies regarding swim. Although the pool itself is something which does not spread the virus (based on the current science available), they are still waiting to hear what their protocols are going to be.  We will be keeping tabs on updates about pools.

Activities - This is one area where we can say that things are looking very good. We have many activities that will be available to us in groups of 10 in a safe way. We also plan to have additional workshops and specialties that will replace the activities that will not be allowed this summer. 

Transportation - I have been in touch with our bus company and they have not received any official guidance yet. If we are allowed to do daily transportation in a way that is safe and legal and still feasible we will certainly try. If we are required to have no more than 10 or so in a bus at a time, this may require us not to provide any transportation. Please answer the survey to let us know your thoughts as a parent regarding transportation.

Policies this summer - We know that there is a lot of concern and interest from parents and staff on how camp will actually take place. Once the guidelines are available, we will provide a thorough handbook with policies for all camp operations this summer. We will require all parents and staff to read up on this before camp and will also have training for campers to help them learn about the changes for this summer. All aspects of our protocol will be looked over and agreed upon as safe by our local health department.

Social Distancing - Social distancing is something that will definitely have to take place this summer in a camp environment. There will be limits to the size groups that we gather in. Based on our current guidance, campers within one group will be allowed to intermingle more closely than 6’, but will still avoid touching.

Medical checkups - There will be a thorough questionnaire sent out before camp for all campers. This will help us gather all medical info relevant to COVID-19 that can affect the camper or camp. This will be required for every camper and staff member. In addition, we will require all staff to receive a COVID-19 test before working at camp.

We will require a daily temperature check upon arrival.

Fees - We know that this time is taking a financial toll on many of our families. Although summer camp this year is going to look very different from years past and there will be no trips, the cost for camp will remain the same. On our end, there are a host of expenses relating directly to COVID-19, including a full time maintenance staff in charge of sanitizing, PPE, hand sanitizer, water bottles, sneeze screens, and a whole lot more and we will invest a lot more into the on campus program. With the limit on how many campers we can take, we anticipate our per camper cost actually being higher this summer.

What if I am not comfortable with my child going to camp?

If you are not comfortable sending your kids to camp or if there are other obstacles to attending,  we’ll be offering a “Gan Israel in the Box” option. This option will include a Jewish learning curriculum, activities, games and projects, some with a digital component, and virtual events with world class entertainers. This will be delivered to your home with all materials included. If you would like more information about this option, please reach out to

Refund Policy (3 options):

-Receive a full refund;

-Keep it as a credit towards summer 2021;

-Turn it into a donation to help us bridge our budget shortfall.